smart growth - noun :

an urban planning and transportation theory that concentrates on growth in compact, vibrant and innovative walk-able urban centers.

Urban Smart Growth is an innovative real estate development and management company committed to the principles of smart growth. With a mission to create diverse, sustainable and successful communities, we advocate  transit-oriented, bicycle-friendly land use. Our goals are to achieve a unique sense of community and expand the range of transportation, employment, and housing choices while preserving and enhancing natural and cultural resources.


Our past and present projects include transforming over 600,000 square feet of neglected office buildings, warehouses, churches, schools and hotels into mixed–use lofts, traditional apartments, retail and commercial spaces across the country. We create vibrant living spaces and innovative communities for everyone.



With our diverse team of experts and experience acquired over the course of decades of work across the United States, we are uniquely qualified to take on challenging projects and transform urban blight into a neighborhood asset that complements the city revitalization efforts.



We operate under a core social investment philosophy; embracing the notion that good community is good business. USG supports portfolio demand by promoting social initiatives within each project. By identifying, underwriting and implementing the fundamental underpinnings of each community, we not only invest in real estate but we invest in people.


Our Services

USG provides planning, design, development, and management services as owner/developer, fee developer and consultant. We have experience in a broad variety of mixed-use real estate ventures. Our experience range includes acquisition, planning, entitlement, financing, infrastructure development and construction as well as property management, leasing and sales.

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